Annual Scholarship Awards

Based on the merits of the organization or individuals under consideration, and the Society’s annual budget guidelines, contributions are made to causes that advance the objectives of German heritage, language, art, music and traditions. The applicants and programs sponsored may vary each year; however, they are intended to cover a broad scope of activities and programs offered to the general public. 

The German American Society is proud to announce its annual scholarship contest, which rewards achievement in German by high school seniors in the Portland--Metro Area (50 mile radius). The scholarships are awarded on the basis of the students' performance on the National German Exam of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Nearly 22,000 high school students across the United States annually take the National German Exam.

1st Place -AATG: $4,000
2nd Place - AATG: $3,000
3rd Place - AATG: $2,000
4th Place - AATG: $1,000

In keeping with its mission to further the perpetuation of German ethnic culture, heritage, arts, and language, the German American Society awards these scholarships in recognition that educational and career opportunities are enhanced by German skills, validating the winners' achievement and providing encouragement to high school student in the Portland-Metro Area (50 mile radius) to study German language and culture.